Waying to Make Waxing Painless

Waxing is a great way to handle unwanted body hair and keep it away for three to six weeks. The reality of waxing though is that you are putting hot wax on your body and then ripping out your hairs by the root, which hurts just a bit. While it is painful, there are things that you can do to try and mitigate some of the "ouch" that goes along with waxing so that you can enjoy smooth results that lasts longer than shaving. Here are our top six tips to help you have a more comfortable waxing experience.

Let the Hair Grow In

It can be tempting to shave between waxing sessions, but all that will do is make it impossible to get your wax and possibly irritate your skin. Shaving close to your appointment can make waxing more painful. Just persevere. Once you wax a few times, the hair will grow in finer and will be less visible.

Use Cool Lotion

Before you head out to your wax, put your moisturizer in the fridge. When you get back home, immediately moisturize with the now cool lotion. You will end up with skin that feels soothed and hydrated.

Find a Distraction

If you have trouble with the pain of a wax, then the last thing you want to do is sit there and watch it happen, struggling with the anticipation. Take your mind off it. If you are at home doing your own wax, then put on the television or some music. If you are getting your wax professionally, then browse your phone, read a magazine, or talk to your aesthetician. Aestheticians know how to take your mind off your waxing so that you can leave faster, feeling better about the whole appointment.


Do not exfoliate on the day of your waxing! This can cause a lot of irritation that you do not want to experience. Instead, do gentle exfoliation the day before or two days before your waxing appointment. By exfoliating, you will remove excess dead skin and also help free any ingrown hairs. The wax will then not be sticking to the dead skin but instead will be doing its job and waxing your hairs, not missing any.


Most spas have lovely relaxing music pumping through the speakers, which will help calm you down. Whether you rely on this, deep breathing exercises, or some calming lavender essential oil, try your best to relax before your appointment. If you tense up when wax strips are pulled off, then the pain will be made worse. Just relax, breathe deep, and know that it will all be over soon.

Choose the Right Professional

Go to someone who knows what they are doing. A trained professional will know what steps to take to make your wax as pain-free as possible. If it hurts too much, then they may be performing it wrong. Go through reviews online and ask other people for referrals to find an aesthetician that you can trust.

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