Waxing or Threading Better for Your Brows?

For years, the debate of whether it is better to wax or thread your brows has gone on. Even though the two techniques are extremely different, the end result ends up being more or less the same. After all, hair removal is hair removal, either way, allows you to get the job done. The real concern is, are you able to shape your brows, and achieve the look that you are going for better with waxing or better with threading?

Read on to find out whether you should wax or thread your brows to achieve your goal look.

You Should Consider Threading Your Brows If…

You are Using Retinol-Based Products
If you’re using retinol-infused products, we recommend swapping them out a week prior to getting either treatment just to be safe. This is because retinoids can lead to a sensitivity. So, if you are using any acne or anti-aging products that exfoliate your skin can make your complexion to feel tender. When this happens you increase the risk of having skin removed with threading. Now, this does not mean that there are not any other risks, it is not uncommon to get a few cuts while threading.

You have Thicker Hair
For some reason, women who have thicker hair tend to avoid much of the pain that is often associated with threading. This is because when the base of the hair is small, it tends to hurt more when it gets pulled out. However, if you yank out hair that has a larger base, you don’t really seem to notice it as much.

You Want to Avoid Getting a Line of Demarcation
People react differently to different beauty treatments. For some people, waxing can leave behind a clear and obvious mark. But this is not as noticeable with threading because your technician will work on shaping and remove hair from one row of hair at a time.

You Should Consider Wax If…

If You Have Hairs that Tend to Grow in a Downward Direction
Sometimes people have hair that ends up growing in a downward direction. When this happens, waxing should be done and threading avoided in order to avoid risking that those hairs will accidentally get pulled out during threading. When these hairs are pulled during threading it results in a bald noticeable spot.

You Have a Low Tolerance for Pain
Waxing is usually a much faster and less painful option when it comes to having your eyebrows done. Although, it is not uncommon to experience a little bit of redness.

You Want to Grow Out Your Brows
Due to the way that threading cuts so close to the actual shape of your brows, the threading method should only be used if you are pleased with the shape and size that your brows already are. However, if you are looking to grow out the hair on your brows (maybe you are recovering from a tweezing mistake) go with the waxing option. This is because waxing allows the technician to leave behind the hairs you need, and slowly coax them into a fuller shape within a few months.